Guys love it. Girls love it. Everyone loves it.

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Guys love it. Girls love it. Everyone loves it.

Do you know... or has anyone ever told you how much fun it can be to strike up an acquaintance in a free online chat room? At MusicTV1's Flirts!... it's a cakewalk. Flirts! offers an array of features which are aimed at making online meet-ups, chats and online friendships simple, comfortable and fast. Once you sign up, you can meet and flirt... if flirting is your thing... with interesting, fun-loving, open-minded, provocative perhaps and even talkative people in just a few clicks.

Think of Flirts! as a Lounge... or a Dance Club... or a 24/7 nightclub where the doors never close. You can meet up with people to share our free entertainment along with your keenest interests and ideas... whatever they may be. But, Flirts! is strictly an online experience. It does not encourage, facilitate or accommodate personal, offline contact for face-to-face meetings, dates or encounters. Its aim is to serve those people who want or need to keep it all online.

Here at The Forum, you can post messages, photos, links to online places you are connected to... you can create a mini-profile of yourself and share only what you're willing to share. You can private message other members.

In fact, the only rules you will encounter at Flirts! are those that are meant to provide privacy, safety and security for those folks who want and cherish such qualities. Otherwise, enjoy the friends you make!... hoping you find many or just the right one.